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Semicolon & StrategicBIM Partner Up for Success

The advent of new business models in the digital age

In 2022, a partnership was held between Semicolon and Strategic BIM to provide a comprehensive and

integrated suite of solutions and services that enable the construction industry to improve project

delivery through the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Our Managing Director Abdulrahman Ghannam and the CEO of StrategicBIM, Roberto Demarchi, decided to officially launch BIM services in the Middle East.

Strategic BIM is a cutting-edge building and asset management company that offers one-of-a-

kind Digital Twin solutions to customers in numerous industries while creating and managing

information using the best tools and sophisticated models.

What does "Digital Twin" represent, and how does it operate?

A Digital Twin is a set of computer-generated models that convert a real-world item into a virtual one. It

is utilized to monitor, simulate, anticipate, diagnose, and control the condition and behavior of the

physical object within the virtual world. Digital Twin provides a system with information and operational

status, enabling the creation of new business models.

Incorporating a Digital Twin presents many advantages:

  •  Building data under control: by monitoring assets in real time and providing more accurate data than conventional data collection methods, Digital Twin enhances data collection and analysis accuracy.

  •  Improving decision-making: using a Digital Twin to measure asset performance can be useful for decision-makers. 

  • Monitoring assets: Digital Twin can be adapted to evolving needs and requirements over time and may gather data as assets are observed to make adjustments in the future.

  • Reducing costs: assists in the reduction of expenses related to physical assets by providing insight into the building's performance. 

  • Managing space: Digital twin provides you access to a continuous stream of information on how the space is being used as well as the ability to simulate and test a space before it is built.

At Semicolon, our primary objective is to create an online presence for a variety of businesses across all

industries, in addition to a range of services that help brands develop.

How can users benefit from this collaboration? 

Semicolon is aiming to be one of the leading providers of BIM services, consultation, and applications in the Middle East. Through the digitization of facility, construction, and design management, we will

spread the word about BIM services and the product Digital Twin in the GCC countries.

If you require support for your business, contact us right away. We would be pleased to discuss your needs and determine how we may be of assistance.

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