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Time for Change


Semicolon enforces the importance of sustainability in our workplace. We aim to provide our services while moving forward to a more sustainable future with minimal environment impact. 

Our transformative Sustainability Movement mobilizes people from all over to take action and create a meaningful and lasting impact.


Read below to find out more how we aim to be more sustainable !

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Our Actions

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Reduce paper usage

Minimize plastic usage


Our goal is to minimize the usage of paper in our office and we aim to do so through the use of Popl business cards, double-sided paper when printing and the use of erasable ink when writing on paper. 

By banning the use of single-use plastic in the office, we encourage our team to rely on utilizing reusable material


- e.g. utensils, bags, bottles.

Installing recycling bins in the office to help encourage our employees to recycle material. Through the use of recycling bins, we aim to minimize our waste production.  


Reduce carbon emissions

Our goal is to keep track of our carbon footprint and we aim to minimize it as much as possible. Our services can be utilized online and we encourage a hybrid work environment to minimize carbon emissions used for transportation. 

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We aim to minimize our energy use in the office through switching off devices, air conditioners and lights when not in use. 

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Indoor plants

Having plants in our office can provide more oxygen and can help manage indoor carbon dioxide levels. 

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